165 Dumaguete City SPES Scholars Up For The Job?

The Special Program for the Employment of Students or SPES has finally chosen 165 students to work for the different offices in Dumaguete City. The said program is both shared and funded by the Department of Labor (DOLE) and local government of Dumaguete.

The said program is really great. It helps alleviate students’ problem of funding their schooling. Yes poor and deserving students and yet some in the roster aren’t even considered poor – what more being deserving. But anyway, the problem may not be in the screening committee of those students but with the students themselves. Observing some students being assigned to like sweeping at the park area or cleaning the rest rooms, I somehow appreciate some who are dedicated to work. While others – I doubt. For real? 165 Dumaguete City SPES Scholars Up For The Job ?

Last week, there was a mildly disturbing incident where two SPES scholars were involved. They were assigned to clean or just sit around near the Tourism Office’s area. The said two SPES scholars were yelling and pushing each other for over an hour. Those two lovey dovies where disturbing the area where people peddle for fruit mix and banana-cue. It was a sight indeed but where are the people assigned to supervise or check these students? How did I know of this incident? A peddler reported to me when I was buying a serving of fruit mix from her.

It is a question of responsibility by the way. I personally do not care if those students do nothing and get paid by the end of the employment period. What I am concerned about is the lack of discipline these kind of students have. Is the city tolerating this kind of behavior of those said scholars? What can the city of Dumaguete do to somehow weed off “scholars” like them? Is there any special program to somehow rehabilitate and or improve their behavior?

To support students financially is a great way to help them. But it must also be accompanied with guidance and the right attitude to work. Monitoring the students is a must to ensure that the program is effective. Unfortunately, things are not coming into place. We just hope in days to come to see someone from the city or PESO to somehow monitor the activities of those students. Let’s all be vigilant – it’s all for a common good. This is our way of trying to revive the glory and reputation of the old and lovely Dumaguete City.


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