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Why wait? Plan a visit to Dumaguete today and visit tomorrow right away!

Although Dumaguete may not be one of the most popular places to visit in Philippines. We are renowned world-wide to be the best place to retire on planet earth. You heard it right and it is worth a take a visit before your settle your retirement here in so many years to come. Why wait for those so many years when you can take a peek or a hop to Dumaguete City.

Set aside your fears and worries as Dumaguete is one of the safest places to visit or live in the Philippines. The beaches and residential high lands are lovely. The commodity is comfortable to come by. Health, transportation, financial services is like a breeze. It’s not that I am sugar coating just because I am a Dumaguetenyo ( a local ). The place is really ideal to retire or simply raise children.

Dumaguete is known to be the motorcycle capital of the Philippines. Indeed motorcycles are the most practical mode of transportation. The streets may be narrow and having a motorcycle is your best bet for a more comfortable ride going in and out of the city. There’s also a perfect timing where electric scooters are becoming more popular in the city. We really are trying to do things as green as possible in any way we can.

Language barrier may not be a problem as long as any visitor can speak English. Literacy rate in Dumaguete is high. Four major universities and many more colleges cramped in a tiny city is enough perusal as one may say. Silliman University being the first American-established university in Asia sits at the heart of the city of Dumaguete.

The food? Well generally one may say that Filipino food is the most boring in Asia. It’s a matter of opinion but there are many Europeans and Americans thriving and surviving of what food we offer. It may not be as fancy as you can imagine but it sure can make you satisfy. Dumaguete has a lot of restaurants offering western, Japanese, Chinese, and Turkish menu. Aside from that, Dumaguetenyos love to eat so just imagine the food adventure that you are about to take.

Attractions in Dumaguete is somewhat questionable. Yeah I’d say it’s boring to watch whales and dolphins, go for an encampment at either lake Yagumyum or Nailig or Balanan or Twin Lakes. Perhaps go diving at the reefs of Apo Island. Take some hike to the Japanese Shrine or a hike to the 580 steps at Cantiso or simple watch the volcanic vent. Maybe you could also try to immerse yourself in hot springs at Valencia or go a bit bland with caving in Mabinay. Yes it is boring if you’ll just warm up your seat as you read this post. Be excited and visit Dumaguete now to take all your blues away!

There are more than any reasons I could give you to visit Dumaguete. The place is truly lovely, peaceful, livable, and ever inviting. Take all your hesitations away and what we can guarantee is your admiration of the city. So why wait? Plan ahead and visit Dumaguete today!

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