Why Neva’s Will Neva Let Me Down

Strange title for a short review of my eating adventure at Neva’s Pizza. This pizza house is actually a personal favorite. Well this does not mean that my review is bias. What makes me Neva’s a personal food haven is that the place is homey and the taste suites my preference perfectly. Aside from the food and place, the staff is really friendly.

Their food selection may be limited but one will surely find comfort with it. They got huge selection for Pizzas as they have special and Kuripot series. Kuripot pizzas may cost between just over a little hundred pesos. The cooking time may take between 15 to 25 minutes depending on volume of orders. Hungarian pizza is my personal favorite. The toppings are simple with few chops of sausages and drizzled with cheese but don’t let it’s simplicity fool you!

To have a rice and combo meal is a must at Neva’s. Three menus topped and they are Fish-a-la-Pobre, Combo Meal II, and Spicy Seafood Pasta. Fish-a-la-Pobre is made from Mahi-mahi fillet. basically it’s a fish steak drizzled with soy dressing and some fried garlic bits. Along with it is a sliced of Calamansi that completes the statement of being simple and tasteful. Fish-a-la-Pobre is a perfect example of simple and tasty Filipino menu we all love.

Let’s move on to my second best loved menu – Combo Meal II. This combo meal is not the same as the other meals served from the other restaurants. It is made from grilled Mahi-Mahi fillet, slices of breaded Calamare (usually in three’s), stir fried shrimps, a julienned cabbage and tomato salad, a slice of brownies, and a bowl of delectable soup. Usually, I just switch between Fish-a-la-Pobre and Combo Meal II whenever we eat at Neva’s.

Finally! My addiction – Spicy Seafood Pasta. Yet again another simple pasta meal with a touch of a Filipino magic. Some pasta, chops of squid, clam, cubes of fish, shrimps, tiny slices of Spada chilli, and drenched in hot sauce! Wow I’m beginning to drool. Just a little warning, if you got weak tolerance for spicy food – then I advice you should take me with you when you order Spicy Seafood Pasta at Neva’s!

So that’s just a quick review of what I love at Neva’s. Hope to see you around at Neva’s!

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