Yet Another Tree Planting Activity At Camanjac

Yet another tree planting activity at Camanjac was once again held! We are trying to make this not just any activity but a tradition of our class. If we can have a single tree planting activity every year, then we could possibly do it twice or more in a year. Tree planting activities are fun and specially if you are doing with it with people who are passionate about making Dumaguete green again.

It is has been a practice by the Computer Operation class of CLHIDO to have yearly tree planting. Just this morning, they manage to plant 34 tree seedlings. The weather was quite hot as the activity started late at about 9:30 am. The arranged transportation schedule wasn’t followed. But then again, the activity pushed on and was a great success.

Acquiring Free Skills Training In Dumaguete

Wanting to acquire skills in your desired trade? Don’t know where and how to start? Well that wouldn’t be a problem at all. If you are a resident of Dumaguete City, then acquiring free skills training in Dumaguete is easy! There are few requirements and the cost is virtually minimal. Just a note, only local residents of Dumaguete of at least 14 years old are qualified. A local resident means having been living in Dumaguete for at least 6 months and can be attested by a Barangay Captain. Get me? So let go on!

The local government of Dumaguete has been providing free community based skills training since the 1960’s. Today, the City Livelihood and Home Industries Development Office (CLHIDO) caters between 200 – 250 training participants per quarter. The courses that CLHIDO offers are as follows :

Why Neva’s Will Neva Let Me Down

Strange title for a short review of my eating adventure at Neva’s Pizza. This pizza house is actually a personal favorite. Well this does not mean that my review is bias. What makes me Neva’s a personal food haven is that the place is homey and the taste suites my preference perfectly. Aside from the food and place, the staff is really friendly.

Their food selection may be limited but one will surely find comfort with it. They got huge selection for Pizzas as they have special and Kuripot series. Kuripot pizzas may cost between just over a little hundred pesos. The cooking time may take between 15 to 25 minutes depending on volume of orders. Hungarian pizza is my personal favorite. The toppings are simple with few chops of sausages and drizzled with cheese but don’t let it’s simplicity fool you!

Why Dumaguete Is One of the Most Livable Places in the Philippines

Why Dumaguete is one of the most livable places in the Philippines? Simple, there is no other place like Dumaguete City. The place, weather, people, food, and culture, are the most inviting. Dumaguete is also considered to be one of the best places to retire. That is not only in the Philippines but of the whole world! That is not an understatement but a fact backed up by surveys conducted years ago.

The proximity of primary utilities may be the main reason that is likely considered of Dumaguete’s livability. The hospitals, malls, seaport, schools, airport, and other utilities are accessible in less than 15 minutes drive. The skirts of the city also provides subtle and even more peaceful living. That is why housing projects are located in the skirts rather than in the heart of Dumaguete.

Doing Business In Dumaguete

Well first off, I am talking as a common citizen of Dumaguete. No business or money making background on my arsenal but let me give some thoughts about doing business in Dumaguete. This might give some business oriented folks out there a glimpse of the economic environment of Dumaguete City. Who knows – one can get rich through expressing my observations here. 😉

Apart from being a lovely and enticing place – Dumaguete is a jungle of opportunity. There are many things a skillful entrepreneur will consider before engaging in a business venture. General peace and order situation, population, proximity to primary utilities, urban complexity, traffic and transportation, local ordinances, the list goes on. Well fortunately, Dumaguete is fairly above the “passing rate” for business confidence evaluation.