Why Dumaguete Is One of the Most Livable Places in the Philippines

Why Dumaguete is one of the most livable places in the Philippines? Simple, there is no other place like Dumaguete City. The place, weather, people, food, and culture, are the most inviting. Dumaguete is also considered to be one of the best places to retire. That is not only in the Philippines but of the whole world! That is not an understatement but a fact backed up by surveys conducted years ago.

The proximity of primary utilities may be the main reason that is likely considered of Dumaguete’s livability. The hospitals, malls, seaport, schools, airport, and other utilities are accessible in less than 15 minutes drive. The skirts of the city also provides subtle and even more peaceful living. That is why housing projects are located in the skirts rather than in the heart of Dumaguete.

Attractions within the city proper may be limited. But the neighboring municipalities however can offer a lot of getaways and tours. Dumaguete serves as the hub going to these places. From beaches to waterfalls, to lakes and zip lining. There is everything and anything any adventure bum would truly enjoy!

The food? It’s crazy being a foodie in Dumaguete! Western, Korean, Chinsese, Thai, Dutch, and local cuisines are everywhere. And if you are a bit adventurous, there’s more for your taste buds to explore. Try local delicacies from isaw to binangkal and even the sweet sylvannas. One will surely love and admire how Dumaguetenyos provide meticulous ways of preparing your food. We just love to give you a delectable and enjoyable meal!

People also want to live in Dumaguete to seek employment. Over the past 10 years, Dumaguete’s population has grown fast. Mainly because of the sprouting industries which provides employment. Retails stores and outsourcing services like call centers are some key industries. Even more Information Technology related industries are growing. Photography and production, print and advertising, animation just to name some.

Others however want to live in Dumaguete to study. Cramping three Universities in a small town, Dumaguete is also an educational hub. The famous Silliman University sits in the heart of Dumaguete. Many students from these universities are from neighboring municipalities, islands, regions, and even countries. Because Dumaguetenyos value education so much, it is not a wonder why there are so many schools here.

There are more reasons why one would consider living here. Not just to study or work. Nor see the attractions and experience adventure. But to live a peaceful fulfilling life – the Dumaguete City way.

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