Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Method

What payment methods are accepted?

We highly recommend COD for transparency. But if you prefer to pay via other means, we accept paypal and bank deposit (EastWest and BPI)

Do you accept check deposit?

Unfortunately, we do not accept check deposit for payment.

Can I pay by using Crypto Currency?

As for now, we are not yet accepting crypto currency payment but we definitely have it on our plans.


When will my ordered items be shipped?

Your items will be shipped on the same day upon having placed and confirmed your order. Your order will be finalized after your confirmation through a phone call.

How many days will my items arrive?

After processing your order within a day or two and depending on the courier that is available in your location, it should take from 2 to 7 business days. We can assure that we will constantly monitor and assist you until the item will arrive.

What couriers do you support for shipping?

Currently, we are using J&T and LBC for COD. For direct payments, we can arrange what is most convenient for you.

Do you provide order tracking?

Of course! Every courier has their own parcel tracking service and if you can’t find the status of your delivery, we gladly will assist you.

Promotions and Discounts

Who are qualified for discounts and promotions?

All new and repeat customers of Dumaguetenyo Online Store are eligible to participate our promotional discounts.

Are there special discount coupons for loyal customers?

Yes. These type of discounts are hidden publicly and only exclusive for our loyal customers.

How can I avail a discount coupon as a first time customer?

Good question. Occasionally, we provide discount coupon on our promo materials like Facebook posts and Youtube videos. We also raffle out discount coupons to our email subscribers. To join, please subscribe here.

Can I use multiple discount coupons upon checkout?

At the moment we only allow one discount coupon per checkout. Pro tip, use the coupon with the highest discount if you have multiple coupons at hand.

Returns and Cancellation

How can I cancel/modify my order?

Once the order has been placed and confirmed, the process will automatically set your order to final. Cancellation or modification will no longer apply once an order has been confirmed.

What received items qualify for return?

Returns are subject to sufficient verification. If the item you received is defective (Manufacturer’s warranty still apply), or a mismatch to the item you have ordered only then a return is possible.

How do I verify that an item received is damaged?

To verify that the item is defective, send us at least 5 clear pictures of the part(s) that is damaged or better yet is a video. Once verified by our Quality Assurance Department, we shall immediately act upon their recommendation for replacement.

If my items qualify for return, how is it processed?

For qualified returns, please ship the items through our address at 200 San Jose Extension, Dumaguete City. The shipping fee will be covered by the sender.

Is there any consequences for order cancellation?

Yes there is and only applicable for COD orders. Any finalized COD order cannot be reversed or cancelled. If a finalized COD order has been cancelled, we will immediately send your details (Name, Address, and Phone Number) to COD couriers like LBC, CMO, Black Arrow, J&T and others automatically blacklist you and prevent you from purchasing through any online store that utilizes their services. We do not want to do this but it is a security protocol that has to be followed.