Traffic Rerouting Experiment is Doing Okay

Admit it, there are changes in the traffic situation of Dumaguete City. Things are becoming a little more orderly than the previous weeks. With streets no wider than four arms length, one-way road scheme is an attractive idea. The on-going experiment is currently doing okay considering that the streets are showing a little relief from traffic congestion. It might be just little but as observed, it paves a significant change.

However this is a dry run and there are a lot of things to improve yet. Like some intersections are actually funneling traffic making a bottleneck. Also, some roads are left with many vehicles parked along side that narrows the main roads. True that it’s a tough battle to let business establishments allow setbacks for parking but this must be addressed and acted upon. Sadly, no brave soul or agency in the government is bold enough to take such action. Let’s not deny it, a lot of these businesses do not have parking spaces for their customers but instead use road shoulders for parking!

Parking lot spaces should next be experimented by the leaders and responsible agencies. We can be a little innovative and initiative on finding solutions. Silliman is making a move, but it should not stop from there. There still are a lot of vacant areas surrounding the heart of the city where most traffic is concentrated. Why not make use of them? Maybe the City of Dumaguete is too timid to act but things are always easier said than done. The previous administrations weren’t able to find ingenious solutions to relieve the dense traffic of the city, maybe the current leaders can!

Talking about innovation, why not use the technology to help ease traffic in the city. Again as observed, Dumaguete’s traffic situation becomes terrible (horribly I’d say) only during class season opens. Why not create an app that let commuters share rides going or fetching students from school? Or yet even better of every barangay in Dumaguete City has a service vehicle that will serve as a school bus for all students from the barangay where parents can pool funds for fuel or vehicle maintenance? Seems a far-fetched idea but it might just work. Why not do a careful study about it and do an experiment?

There might be other odd or radical solutions out there waiting to be solicited. The local government should be receptive to what the public may or can offer to suggest. Brilliant minds are scattered everywhere and doesn’t require a position to hold to get heard. Why not create an anonymous survey or query online? Or do other unconventional ways just to reach out and hear the people? It’s pretty clear that the options are limitless but only time is. Why time? It’s a question of when it’s going to happen.

But well despite of the current traffic difficulties Dumaguete City is facing right now, band-aide solution might just work fine as for now. Yet, some people really without a doubt admire and appreciate the actions and desire of the current leadership finding ways to ease the relative challenges of the growth and progress of the city we dearly love – Dumaguete.

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