Dumaguete City Is Gentle No More

Dumaguete City has been known in many names including the “University Town”, “Motorcycle City”, but it is popularly named as the “City of Gentle People”. But wait, does this name still holds true today? Think again.

A decade or so, Dumaguete City is known for it’s friendly and hospitable locals. Security has never been an issue but these days, you can’t be too sure about anything anymore. There had been numerous car nap, rape, holdup, and many other crime incidents happening. What’s even worse – regular shooting of suspected drug pushers.

It’s not safe in Dumaguete anymore and that is a very sad truth. This may be because of the rapidly growing industries in the city. Crime is constantly proportionate to the scale of progress. Talking about progress, Dumaguete has had enormous development in the past decade and will continue to grow exponentially. Well, it is likewise expected that crime will also skyrocket!

What should every Dumaguetenyo do make the lovely city of Dumaguete a liveable, beautiful, and safe place? There’s a heck of things to do! It all boils doing down to the culture of the Dumaguetenyos. Because of our gentle manners, we tend to be submissive and reactive instead of being proactive and initiative. Some may observe that we lack concern and action to problems that need immediate response.

Every Dumaguetenyo should be proactive and take part in keeping our City safe not only for us but for our future generations to come. Let us be vigilant and take part in the campaigns to ward off drug abuse in the barangays that we belong. It’s a hard shot to assume that everyone will respond and act on this call. But we can’t lose hope that there will be at least a single soul brave enough to take the challenge. The challenge to keep the city of Dumaguete beautiful and safe for generations to come.

Here’s a little backgrounder : Many unresolved rape and murder cases, drug-related killings, car napping incidences, are yet to be uncovered for the truth. No appropriate government agency can do the job well as it has been tested for years with unsatisfactory results. No good results will come without people actively participating in the campaign. We need to act and act now.

Let us say this straight, there is at least a member of a family who knows who the drug users or pushers are in his or her community – even you who are reading this call. The analogy is simple but why can’t the appropriate authorities do their job to keep the city and it’s people safe? First, the ranks of those authorities may possibly be stained of corruption. Finally, we the people of Dumaguete play dumb and mute of this matter.

The solution is with us and through us. If we can’t be vigilant, I sure hope so that you are good with dodging bullets every now and then. Let us bring back how Dumaguete was used to be peaceful, lovely, and beautiful. Let us revive our gentleness and encourage vigilance to seek truth and peace. And above all, let us revive our relationship with our Lord and practice the morals that He has set for us.

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