History of Dumaguete City

Dumaguete City, the capital city of Negros Oriental is a small and beautiful city facing the Mindanao sea and Tanon straight. Closest to Cebu and with adequate transportation, Dumaguete is the favorite destination for most foreigners looking for a place to stay and relax. One may quote “everything you need can be in one area and access it comfortably”.

Having so many pseudo names, Dumaguete is popularly known as the “City of Gentle People“.  Other names of Dumaguete includes “The City by the Sea”, “University Town”, “Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines”, and many others. In the past, Dumaguete was occasionally marauded by Moro pirates snatching the local women. The word “dagit” means “to snatch” or “to swoop” and that’s where the current name of the City of Dumaguete was coined from.

The influence of the Spain and the America are still strongly evident to this day. The yet standing old but beautiful ancestral houses of the prominent families, educational institutions built by the Americans like Silliman University, Spanish-influenced food, art, and music. The centuries-old Church’s Bellfry also served as a watch tower and for signalling the locals for emergencies and calls for meetings.

Having many schools and universities, Dumaguete has attracted many students from neighboring towns, cities, and even islands. The living cost, proximity of utilities, quality of education, and the general culture of Dumaguete plays a large role in attracting these students to pursue and build their educational foundation here.The student population is generally thick on school season and thins when summer vacation nears.

Motorized cabs (commonly called pedicabs even if they aren’t run by pedals) are the main mode of transportation of the city but many Dumaguetenyos prefer having their own motorcycles instead. The beauty and charm of the city is best experienced with the sun lightly beating and the air smoothly kissing your face while you ride your way to any destination in Dumaguete City.

The rich history of Dumaguete City can’t be described beautifully in an article or two. But a thing that’s sure – once you’ll experience the charm of Dumaguete, you will take a piece of it with you wherever you will be and will sweetly resound in your thoughts forever.

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