Awaiting Dumaguete’s Santa Cruzan

April is still on but people are excited bout Dumaguete’s Santa Cruzan this May. Kabulakan Festival was the name in the past and been renamed just recently back to Santa Cruzan is a religious event organized by the local Catholic organization. It is now renowned for it flamboyant parade of local beauties and TV personalities serving as escorts.

Although the said event in the past received heavy criticisms, Santa Cruzan is now a religious event instead of being just a pure entertainment. Yet still using TV personally actors may not be a huge issue, some people still feels that it’s a tainted religious act. Anyway as complicated as it could be, Santa Cruzan fetches a lot of attention and attracts tourism.

Few years ago as it was still named Kabulakan Festival, we rented a space to sell leisure food. It was week long event and filled with nightly concerts and overflowing beers and tocino sticks! The mood isn’t religious at all but much like it’s a summer’s October Fest.¬†Although we were mostly doing business than partying, we didn’t even made to break-even because of intermittent raining.

Last year’s Santa Cruzan went quite well, the organizers made a terrific job. The event didn’t appear to be just an event to entertain tourists and local residents but instead made it pious. It was great and people seems to grasp what Santa Cruzan really is about. It’s not about the music and heavy smokes of barbeques but instead a reflection of religion.

So what can we expect for the coming Santa Cruzan? Well, we just to find out but let’s try to make some predicative statements. The upcoming Santa Cruzan will surely be a religious event and not purely for entertainment. Aside from that, the City Government may still have nightly celebration but it shouldn’t be the highlight. And yes it could however be possible to have both Santa Cruzan and Kabulakan Festival.

Those statements aren’t that bold but we hope that the celebration will really convey the actual meaning of Santa Cruzan. We are excited to see how the event will follow this May. Will their be other changes? Will those changes be for good or a tinder for criticism? Will it be organized by the Church or by the City Government of Dumaguete? Who knows and we can surely wait for May to come and will definitely know the real score.

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