Yet Another Tree Planting Activity At Camanjac

Yet another tree planting activity at Camanjac was once again held! We are trying to make this not just any activity but a tradition of our class. If we can have a single tree planting activity every year, then we could possibly do it twice or more in a year. Tree planting activities are fun and specially if you are doing with it with people who are passionate about making Dumaguete green again.

It is has been a practice by the Computer Operation class of CLHIDO to have yearly tree planting. Just this morning, they manage to plant 34 tree seedlings. The weather was quite hot as the activity started late at about 9:30 am. The arranged transportation schedule wasn’t followed. But then again, the activity pushed on and was a great success.Without the efforts of Mr. William Ablong and Mr. Rey Awayan, the said tree planting activity wouldn’t be possible. They have been our partners in our previous tree planting activities and we are hoping to get the same support for the next tree planting activities we’ll have in the future. We are making sure that this will not be just any practice but a culture. Aside from making the world get green again, the bond and experience with the class of Computer Operation is indeed worthwhile and fulfilling.

This is so far the best tree planting activity we have had considering that there were some glitches with the transportation. It wasn’t a big fuss and all we had was fun and and so much fun. Last time, we had a hard time trying to find some empty cans to use for watering the newly planted seedling. But this time, ENRO provided us with three sprinklers! Amazing experience indeed specially to some students who never had this kind of activity.

Another great thing with this year’s tree planting activity, is that we were also provided with tree guards. Sadly, I could see many dead previously planted tree seedlings in the area. Some tree guards are still standing with no trace of tree life. We would like to monitor our planted trees and still making arrangements with the folks at ENRO and DCWD’s Septage Treatment Facility. It would be great to see at least 30% of the planted seedling able grow big and flourish. Those tree guards should not be empty six months from today.

We hope to see greener river banks months from now. Our tree planting activities should not be just a futile exercise. Dumaguete deserves to get it’s green back. Negros Oriental must have its greens back too!

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