Zero to Ten Media Subscriptions Per Day Journey – Website A

It’s quite unusual for anyone to post their personal website development journey online as many fear that your techniques or tactics might be exploited. But as for me, learning does not stop at one point but rather just transform into something else more interesting. Since I teach part time as a computer operation instructor at CLHIDO, creating a journey like this will and can help my students in probably not the most instructive way but through tested examples. This will be the first of the many journeys to be posted in this website. Comment, argue, rant, advice, do whatever you want at the comment section below – I’ll learn from it anyway.

The purpose for this journey are of the following:

1. Motivate myself to do more things than my previous boring life. lol

2. Learn as much as possible in IM.

3. Share and teach others about this great experience.

4. Make a benchmark that IM at less to zero experience can be a potential source of daily income.

5. Finally, able to build an empire online with less than $100 to start with.

That’s it. Nothing special about this journey. I actually am doing this for several projects and I’ll start with the first one and will name it as Website A. Of course I will setting up a particular schedule on how to develop, manage, and promote these websites and I came up with a temporary sched. There will be no whitewashing or whatsoever in this journey. I’ll keep things tight and honest but will keep some details private.

This will be a long term journey and be updated once a week. The site’s rankings, analytics, and monetization stats will also be revealed. So without so much ado (it was and I am terribly sorry) here we go.

Background : Website A ( A book review website )

A book review website is one of the most boring thing anyone would do. That doesn’t exempt me but why on earth did I start such website. Simple, few people are willing to do it and that’s where the money is. So basically, the plan is plain and simple – get people interested in reading and pitch them a media subscription affiliate program. Each sale can be between $4 to $12 depending on the originating country of the subscriber. US and Europe give the best revenue in my sales history that tops at $12. Highest sale in a day only reached 3 but other affiliates are reporting career high up to 100+ sales a day. A 100-sale means $1,200 ( about Php 60,000 ) and that is serious business. Perhaps I may have some doubt on those numbers but I am confident that I can get at least 10 sales a day ( $120 / Php 6,000 ).

Currently, the site gets around 1 to 3 sales a week only and that translates to an average of $36 a week. This is virtually a dead website earning just enough to cover for the hosting, domain, and other fees. So how can we get to the targeted goal of 10 sales a day? Let us first break down how the site earns to we will have a better feel on what tactics we can employ to resuscitate this dead website.

1. High Traffic

2. Traffic Value

3. Conversion Rate

4. Post Speed

5. Content Promotion

6. SEO Considerations

These six things are the major factors that we need to fix. Here are the current condition of the said website.

  1. High Traffic – the website is currently receiving 500 – 650 Unique Visitors (UVs) too low. Small websites averages about 5,000 UVs. We’ll be having a lot of things to do to pump the numbers up. Click-Through-Rate is way high and I am truly amazed. CTR plays around 17% and we hopefully could maintain that number as we pump up our traffic.
  2. Traffic Value – currently, around 40% of our traffic comes from the US and that is actually great. Let’s keep it up but increase the traffic significantly.
  3. Conversion Rate – not proud with our 0.8% CR ( average of 118 clicks for 1 conversion ) either. We are looking to at least 2-5% conversion, this is uber hard to achieve but it should be achievable.
  4. Post Speed – some months ago the average post addition speed is only about 2 to 4 per month. Too slow. Minimum for a website should be at least two per seven days. I actually made three in two days when I started the journey. We will target 50 posts in 60 days.
  5. Content Promotion – not so special here. We will primarily leverage the social media platforms for this. Pinterest and Youtube proved to be where we were successful. Let’s maximize our promotion on these platforms and also consider using IG and the mighty Twitter.
  6. SEO Considerations – the on page SEO is sound, I have well structured the website with a decent amount of keywords with proper tagging and categorization. But I must admit I should consider to start ranking generic keywords that will perfectly identify our website. Off Page SEO is really a pain, I will consider this as the hardest task to tackle. It will take some great deal amount of time and energy and also resource so for sure it will fire our muscles up. And nope I will not be using any PBNs or similar sort.

Monday is Website A day

December 25, 2017

So today is December 25, 2017 – a wonderful Christmas. What have I done so far? Not so much but here’s the list.

– Having not much sleep ( 2 hours or maybe less? ) as I couldn’t sleep when the tummy is full.

– Today I made 1 post and yesterday made two. Honestly I could make 1 post per hour including all graphic works and database updates. 🙂 I’m setting some limit on my computer use – some eye problems you know…

– I already setup a Google Webmasters account and added the website. When adding a website, it is best to add all variants and set the preferred domain. The robots.txt was updated and added along with the sitemap too. Don’t worry I will have a separate tutorial for that.

– Bing Webmasters setup was a breeze. It’s just as easy as setting it up at Google Webmaster’s dashboard.

– The site already have a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and G+ profiles. I just updated the status of each profile. Of course, we need some overhauling with these profiles too and that will come soon.

I know you want to see some proof so here they are.

How the website behaves according to Google at SERPS ( Search Engine Results Page )

Website A GWT Behavior Image

Keyword Position at Google Keyword Tool (GWT)

Keyword Positions of Website A First Image

What Bing Thinks About The Website

Website A Bing Stats 1 Image

Here’s the Amazing Amazon Earning

Website A 1 Amazon Earning Picture

A Single Conversion/Sale From Ad-Center

Website A 1 Ad-Center Earning Picture

So that’s it for now. If you got any questions or reactions, the comment space below is provided for you. These metrics will serve as a baseline of this journey. Keep updated! Merry Christmas!

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