Go or No Go Barangay Election is Brewing

Up until this day the Barangay Election is yet to be decided for a go or no go and things are likely to proceed considering a lot preparations are already at hand. Just a few hours ago, we were met by checkpoint near the YMCA ukay-ukay area. Admittedly, I was really hesitant to proceed to drive through but I just hit the road out of curiosity and probably boldness. Once I reached home, I immediately remembered that it must be a checkpoint for the election gun ban. Well, it is a mere indication that the Barangay Election will likely to proceed.

Anyhow as observed, people aren’t much excited about what’s going to happen. It seems that they are reluctant that there will be no Barangay Election for this year. Probably because they hold much trust on the Government and the imminent and drastic change that they are expecting. People are expecting to pave for the Federal System of government to which is typically suitable for countries that are archipelagic in nature like the Philippines. Since the majority “trusts” what the government is planning for the common good, it’s like a wait-and-see game for everyone.

Well aside from the evident reluctance and so called “trust”, I also have observed that there are several people filling up forms and recruiting volunteers to “serve”. Clearly, I have no definite idea what the fuss is all about and the legitimacy of the said group is totally questionable. Some people that I have asked claim that it is an official building of a roster in preparation for mere “appointment” for different Barangay positions. A sample form was even handed to me so I could apply for being one to be selected as a Barangay Counselor and the postulated honorarium is pretty solid and attractive – still I turned it down.

Several months ago, a friend actually invited me to volunteer for barangay work. She said that my task is instrumental for the big change. She meant for the transition of the form of government that we have to Federalism. Seems like odd to think that they seem to know things most people don’t. But who cares? We shall know in some few weeks to come. But if indeed it will be true that no Barangay Election will happen, then I would simply think that this had been planned long and quite well by the president and his allies.

My personal take on the upcoming Barangay election is that whatever is the outcome of this long awaited and anticipated public event – there should be a solid reason behind all the why’s that will spring up. For all the aspiring barangay officials, it is best that they should undergo drug testing and should seek endorsement from respected communities whether religious or any non-profit organizations. This is to establish trust and confidence of the barangay constituents to the prospected barangay officials.

So what’s your personal take on the potential upcoming barangay election? Voice it out now by posting our comment below. Show your vigilance and your being a pro-active Dumaguetenyo!

UPDATE : Yep the Congress approved the postponementĀ  the Barangay Election.

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