A New Year For All Dumaguetenyos

Welcome 2016!

Happy New year to all Dumaguetenyos both the locals and tourists alike. Although a feel a bit drowsy considering the morning to dawn partying and videoke. Still I am able to write a short blog about the new year experience and expectations. So how was your celebration anyway?

Yes it was loud and the air was filled with high hopes of a better year. Despite of all the freakish weather disturbances and political turmoils of 2015. We successfully made it to another year! And yes, there is optimism specially that an election is coming so near. High hopes of finding the right person to lead us away from both political and spiritual corruption. A hope for a better change and manipulation of opportunities.

Personally, I just hope that 2016 will bring prosperity, peace, and renewal in values and generally accepted moral beliefs. This may seem to be a very typical wish, honestly I mean it. Starting off with myself, I will try to do something relevant than last year. Wasn’t productive and creative enough last year. So this year, things should be different.

Since I am a one-man band of delivering content and developing this non-income generating website. It is really tough. Got no formal writing education or experience but I will try to make this website useful and meaningful to all Dumaguetenyos. Love and compassion are things that I value most so I must exhibit it boldly this year and more years to come. Exciting things will come and better opportunities will be made for everybody this year onward.

My two hour sleep was well spent considering that I was able to evaluate my activities of 2015. One answer came – it wasn’t enough. My efforts, dedication, concentration, productivity, creativity, being proactive and other things seems just been blunt. To be sharper and enthusiastic are things that I should work on starting today. Things will then follow I believe once I’ll be able to master those two main personal inadequacies.

So before I’ll shut up and take a snort break, I would like to ask for your blessing and hopes and I do too will pray for your blessing in all aspects of your life that you feel your are empty or missing with. Take care and God Bless Dumaguetenyos and have a great year!

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