Dumaguetenyo.com is the brainchild of Mr. Drak Esitin – an aspiring entrepreneur wanting to facilitate and enable local residents of Dumaguete to have a virtual portal. The website ( www.dumaguetenyo.com ) will provide information like news and other forms of publication to enhance or encourage socio-economic activites in the City of Dumaguete and also to promote tourism and culture.

Although we are branded as a commercial website, we primary cater social and public concerns and for the betterment of the people of Dumaguete – both the locals and the tourists. Novice and professional writers, graphic artists, photographers, composers, poets, or just anyone with passion to share can participate and contribute for Dumaguetenyo.com. Selected content contributors are compensated either through revenue sharing or contests coming from displayed monetized advertisements and are properly tracked.

This is a joint project of the students of the City Livelihood and Home Industries Development Office and the private organization of Mr. Esitin.